Head Chef

Our beloved Head Chef. Passionate in baking and cake decorating. She always put a lot of love in her work. Say Hi and she will greet you warmly.

Specialization :
Project: Ame Kitchen (@ame_kitchen)



A talented and creative fondant decorator! She joined Master Chef Indonesia 4 and gained alot of experiences there. Not only a talented one, she also gifted with a bright and bubbly personality that make our students fell in love with her. We can completely trust her with some kids too!

Specialization: Fondant Cake Decorating
Project: Jane's Cake (@janesscake)



His experiences are countless but don't count his age! Hehe.. Meet him and you will know he has full bullet prepared in his backpack. He always ready to share them with you!

Specialization: All time favorite pastry and bakery.



A well grounded lecture, pastry & bakery consultant, and cake designer. He even participated as one of the judges of Jawapost Culinary Award 2017.

Specialization: All kind of Pastry and Bakery
Project: La Madeleine (

Eko Maduretno


With his sense of humour, his class is never boring. 100% of our students joining always feel satisfied with the class he is holding!

Specialization: Puff Pastry, Danish, Pie



She is sure certified, have been learning pastry, bakery, and decorating at Singapore. Her love towards buttercream lead her to be a professional in buttercream decorating. For most people, buttercream decorating is the most difficult type of decorating to handle. But don't worry, Chef Lanny can help you do your magic and turn a cake into a very beautiful flower buttercream cake.

Specialization: Buttercream Cake Decorating
Project: Amore Patisserie (@amorepatisserie)



It's not only shown that Chef Setyono is very well educated in pastry and bakery industry. But he also has been winning some culinary competition since young. Trust him in lecturing our classes!

Specialization: Lamination Products

Icha Frida


Bubbly, easy going, and friendly are 3 words best to describe her. She is mastering both basic pastry & baking process, and the 'how to make it pretty'.

Specialization: Modern Pastry



With his sense of humour, his class is never boring. 100% of our students joining always feel satisfied with the class he is holding!

Specialization: Puff Pastry, Danish, Pie

Pristy Charmane Gosana

Guest Chef from Jakarta

Never stop learning is her motto. She earnestly learning from many other teacher to improve her skill in baking and art. Then she develop her own style and her own recipes that can match Indonesian tastes! She created her own masterpiece.

Specialization: Cake decorating
Project: Little Bento House (@little_bento_house)

Gladys Amanda

Guest Chef from Surabaya

She might be quiet. But just knock her door, she will let you in and drown you with her sweet smile.

Specialization: Cookies Art
Project: Clarissa Cookies (@clarissacookies)

Riady Halim

Guest Chef from Jakarta

Won Pastry Gold Medal Award 2015, The Choco Master 2017, and 2nd Winner Indonesian Gelato Competition 2017, yet still on his way on writing his success story. So cool of him!

Specialization: Entremet, Ice Cream, Gelato

Lian Goenawan

Guest Chef from Jakarta

Famous for her oriental dishes especially pao, bakcang, and mooncake. Has been invited to teach at Medan, Surabaya, Jakarta, and even Malaysia!

Specialization: Bakpao, Bakcang, and Mooncake.

Ali Lai

Guest Chef from Jakarta

This one chef never lose his focus till he become the ultimate teacher for Legit Gulung, one of the most famous traditional dishes from Indonesia.

Specialization: Legit Gulung Premium.

Rozma Suhardi

Guest Chef from Jakarta

As a public figure, not a scandal but an ACHIEVEMENT instead! Rozma Suhardi, a mother of two but still very enthusiastic in baking various fancy cakes. She is sure a super woman, keep working on her love towards baking while living her fame as an actress also never leave her family as priority.

Specialization: Fancy Cakes
Project: Amy and Cake (@amyandcake)

Hadi Tuwendi

Guest Chef from Jakarta

Maestro in baking industry! Not only knowing and having the skills, but also available to make customized recipe for mass industry. Best baking consultant alive in Indonesia!

Specialization: Authentic Pastry and Bakery.

Siu Erl

Guest Chef from Jakarta

Expert in Lapis Surabaya. Well acknowledged as an expert, she has been invited to teach around Indonesia. She also won the first place in Master Oleh-Oleh Blue Band 2016.

Specialization: Lapis Surabaya
Project: The Castry (@thecastry)


Guest Chef from Surabaya

As soon as she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand, she established Quenelle Patisserie as one of her media to put her incredible work on a showcase!

Specialization: Modern Pastry.
Project: Quenelle Patisserie (@quenelle_patisserie)


Guest Chef from Jakarta

These two pretty siblings are so talented and colaborate perfectly! Double the love to their work!

Specialization: Cookies Art
Project: Sweetation (@sweetation_id)

Isabella Corail

Guest Chef from Malang

This one sweet lady from Malang that never stop learning is focusing more on bean paster flower piping! It's quite different with buttercream piping, even the coloring will be quite different. Learn the tips and tricks from this sweet lady ^^

Specialization: Bean Paste Flower Piping
Project: @isabellacorail

Yusy Sriwindawati

Guest Chef from Jakarta

Yusy, this one woman from Doha, Qatar, has started baking since 2005! She can make various of cakes and nowdays she teach many classes at Indonesia and one of it is at Harriette Cakeversity.

Specialization: Fancy Cakes
Project: Yusy Cakes (@yusyscakes)


Guest Chef from Hong Kong

Chosen as one of the most inspiring sugar flowers artist in 2017. The key is her patient in creating many beautiful and super detailed sugar flowers. We can barely see the difference with the real one!

Specialization: Sugar/Bean Paste Flowers and Royal Icing.
Project: Wendy Sugar Craft (@wendy_sugarcraft)

Hyunsil Kim

Guest Chef from Korea

A dessert decorator from Korea! She focused more on roll cake and macaron art. Her works capturing the heart of 10k of people on social media!

Specialization: Roll Cake & Macaron Art.
Project: @mill_sil


Guest Chef from Korea

An expert in Korean Buttercream! Her work is so original since she can create her own style and has a very good sense in combining colors. No wonder she is the president of Korea Design Cake Art Association.

Specialization: Korean Buttercream Decorating
Project: Yuna Flower Cake (@yunaflower_cake)

Kelvin Chua

Guest Chef from Malaysia

Wonderful craftman, creating royal icing masterpieces that awe the world!

Specialization: Royal Icing and Painting
Project: Vinism Sugar Art (@kelvinchua_vinismsugarart)

Jiyu Shin

Guest Chef from Korea

Our very passionate teacher from Korea that teach bean paste flower craft. She is super patient while tutoring each of our students. With her 5 years experience in bean paste crafting, of course she can answer all of the question in class ^^

Specialization: Bean Paste Flower Craft
Project: Julie & Flower (@julienflower)