BEAN PASTE TREND : Welcoming Julie and Flower!

28 February 2018

See this beautiful girl in the picture??

Yes she is Jiyu Shin or Julie to make you call her easier ^^

She came to Surabaya, Indonesia from Korea all by herself just to teach you the new trend in cake decorating. It is Bean Paste Dough that can be made into beautiful flower crafts. The dough are very easy to handle, very easy to color, delicious, and also healthy!
Let’s take a look in our class with Julie!


She is a very passionate and perfectionist kind of teacher. She never get tired to help each of the students so they can create the almost perfect beautiful results! Check this out.



She explained every step in details so the students result also turned out very detail.
Her passionate teaching lead the students to be very passionate too!


They are willing to redoing – rekneading – recrafting its dough till they get the almost perfect result. And they made it!
Here are some of their finishing results!


Students feel very satisfied and request us to invite her again coming on July ^^
So guys, after seeing this, will you join us too?

We can't wait to welcome you!


Last but not least we would like to say Thank you to Libby Brownies for sponsoring very delicious snacks for us!


Don’t hesitate to contact us about the class on July!
WA – 082210006375
Line - @harriette